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People using SunGrill would get familiar with the basics and the physics of using sun power and become missioners of the new industry which will flourish in this - XXI century.
They will become a part of a global movement to preserve our planet.
Healthy kids will grow up in healthy men who will know to appreciate and use energy of the Sun.


How SunGrill Works?

It s very old concept.

Concentrated sunlight has performed useful work for humans for many years. In 1866, Auguste Mouchout, a French inventor, successfully powered a steam engine with sunlight, making him the first known person to construct a concentrating solar-powered mechanical device.
Parabolic mirror surfaces are found wherever energy needs to be focused efficiently and accurately. You find them built into car headlights, spotlights as well as astronomical telescopes.

Today there are several basic designs used for the solar powered cookers - "umbrella", "butterfly" to name just some. We have chosen so called Parabolic Trough Collector (used for Solar Thermal Plants), since it is considered the most proven technology of all the options.
Design begins with a very large curved mirror. The parabolic shape is designed to concentrate solar energy and reflect it onto a single point. The mirror position follows the sun’s movement in the sky, using either motorized device or manual adjustments.

The Parabola

When Sun light (parallel rays) falls onto a correctly aligned parabolic mirror it will be reflected back towards a single point known as the focus. The parabolic mirror therefore directs the energy arriving over its surface to a 'hot spot' at the focus. You can use this energy to heat something.

The basic shape of a parabola is derived from the equation:

y² = 4ax [1]

Where y represents the distance away from the mirror centre and x represents the 'height above' the centre. The constant a is known as the focal length - the distance from the origin to the focus point.

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