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SunGrill Solar Systems is a group of people gathered to promote use of solar energy.
SunGrill Solar systems is also a group of competent professionals that have developed and produced the SunGrill – device for food preparation powered only by solar energy.
SunGrill is a basis for the modular solar system which apart from cooking, is used for water pasterisation and sterilisation, water destilation and desalinisation.
SunGrill has been designed and developed in our project bureau and produced and tested in our workshops.


We started to develop SunGrill as a life style product, targeting up scale markets. However we quickly realised that there is more potential than simply having an enviroment friendly grilling party.
We designed different size and purpose dishes, transforming SunGrill into the solar powered modular system for:

  • food preparation
    • grilling
    • stewing
    • flatt bread baking
  • water purification
    • pasteurisation
    • sterilisation
    • destilation
    • desalinisation

Other characherstics

  • SunGrill is build from the highest quality materials. Therfore it is very robust yet very light for transport and handling.
  • It takes about ten minutes to assemble it from the box
  • Parabolic frames and mirrors are made of aluminium.
  • Cooking dish and other modules are made from food grade INOX steel, so there is no need to use pots anymore.
  • Extremely easy to adjust mirror and dish position
  • It reaches temperatures up to 300C which means that:
    • Food is properly cooked without danger of getting infected by salmonela or other bacterias
    • Water could be easily sterilised and pasteruised
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